Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Exactly is Extreme Martial Arts?

The term extreme martial arts is also referred to by its acronym XMA.  This type of martial arts is a combination of many martial arts styles using a combination of philosophies, movements, methods and techniques.  It is combined with gymnastics and acrobatics.  Extreme martial arts is usually what is seen on TV, movies and on the web.

 Those who are involved with the sport of extreme martial arts are of the thought that utilizing the skills that students learn can have them reaching goals once thought impossible and encouraging students to become better then was thought possible.  The goal of extreme martial arts is to show as much strength of the mind as the body.  If you can stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground and command the attention of others without using movement or sound, merely using the look in your eyes and a strong stance can show more power than any kind of flip, punch or kick.

The emphasis with extreme martial arts is on showmanship and pizzazz.  XMA is not in itself a martial art, and displays and performances of this kind is usually accompanied by dance music and is done while wearing an XMA uniform.

Where You Can Find More Information on Extreme Martial Arts

With the popularity of extreme martial arts growing everyday, it is easier than ever to find classes that will teach you how to successfully begin to practice XMA.  It is thought that those who practice extreme martial arts have more flexibility, strength of muscle and a higher degree of coordination.

This form of martial arts appeals to not only kids and teens, but young adults as well.  It is also a more exciting and visually appealing form of martial arts that can be enjoyed by many members of your family.

You can look in your local yellow pages to see if you can find an extreme martial arts studio near you.  If this doesnít offer you any suggestions, you might try searching on the internet.  The internet will be able to give you much information regarding techniques, philosophies and where you can find an extreme martial arts class in your area.

Those who are pure martial arts practitioners frown upon XMA using the words martial arts to describe extreme martial arts because it lacks applications that can be used in the real world.  There is another group that practices martial arts tricks and they frown upon the term XMA to describe what they do.

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