Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Most Common Tae kwon Do Gear

If you want to do tae kwon do, you need to have the right gear for the sports. You should not go out on a practice unprotected because it can cause you serious injuries and even fractures in the different parts of your body.

The lightweight double mouth guard is a tae kwon do gear that provides extra cushion that helps in protecting the upper and lower teeth. There are instructions to follow in order to wear the mouth guard properly. This is helpful so you will no break any of your teeth and help you look nice.

The face cage is a tae kwon do gear that reduces the risk of having a black eye or a broken nose. This is a very important gear that will save your face from getting damaged and crushed. This covers the face with a plastic cage. This is made up of a shock-reducing foam which has a soft vinyl cover to have a comfortable feeling. It has a hook and a loop closure on the back and it also has an elastic band on the top in order to help you ensure a comfortable fit.

The competition padded head gear provides protection and coverage for the top and the back sides of your head including your forehead. It is well ventilated on the top and it also provides comfort at the sides and at the back.

The full head gear helps you go out in full contact. This will make you feel safe during a practice and it makes you feel confident because of the full protection that it gives. It is all in your mind so make sure that you take extra care of it like the rest of your body parts. This is an adjustable head guard, which provides a perfect fit and feel.

Of course, you need your forearm and fist protected. Forearm pads protect the knuckles to the elbows and the padding, which is over your fist. It has an elastic sleeve to provide you a secure fit. You may notice the open palm allows techniques like grappling. It is important that you keep you hand and wrist protected because you use it more often than any other part of your body.

If you are in a practice or a competition, you need a tiger balm in order to soothe pains that you got from the training. You need to bring it with you all the time. This is essential, you can just rub it on the affected part, and later you will fell it gently releasing that pain you have inside your body. There are tiger balms that are non-staining, which is advantageous when it comes to comfort.

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