Saturday, May 3, 2014

Top Ten Reasons To Practice Martial Arts

People often wonder why martial arts is such a popular activity. There must be a primary reason why someone would get involved in the martial arts. Actually there are several reasons for embarking on the study of martial arts.

1. Self-Defense - Were you ever bullied at school? Have you ever worried about how to protect yourself and your family in a dangerous situation or environment? Well, it seems that you're not alone because thousands of other current martial arts practitioners say that self-defense skills for today's world are the primary motivating factor for them to enroll in martial arts classes.

2. Health and Fitness - Had enough of generic gym workouts? Sick and tired of the same old aerobics class with that annoying music? Many other people have had enough too and are now turning to the martial arts as a great way to improve their health and fitness while gaining many additional benefits through their training.

3. Discipline - This seems to be the number one reason quoted by parents of young children for joining a martial arts club. Discipline is an important core tenet of the martial arts and if you are already the parent of a "wild child", then it's not too late to change their behavior through the time-tested methods of a qualified martial arts instructor.

4. Confidence - Do you lack self-confidence? Come on, be honest - do you tend to do what others tell you to do, or do you stand up for yourself and lead the way in your life? The fact is that the majority of people follow the crowd instead of leading the pack. The study of martial arts is the perfect template for developing core leadership skills and improving self-confidence and many people are beginning to notice this.

5. Self-Control - This can be defined as being the ability to appropriately monitor your own behavior and natural impulses when put under pressure by life's everyday challenges. The way you react to negative events or stress often defines who you are. Martial artists are by no means impervious to the trials and tribulations of life but they are often better equipped to deal with such obstacles through their constant and rigorous training.

6. A New Challenge - Are you tired of doing the same old thing day in and day out? Do you feel that you need a new direction in your life? A simple solution is to try something different and martial arts is a great activity with many hidden benefits.

7. Social Interaction - Human beings by their nature need social interaction with other human beings. Often this need is met at home or at work but these environments are not always the most harmonious of places. Why not step out of your comfort zone? How about you make some new friends who share a common goal - that of self-improvement!

8. Spiritual Growth - Confusion in our modern world is a cause of immense stress and the need for spiritual guidance is great. Many people turn to religion for the answers to this angst, some people begin meditation or yoga, and others are turning to martial arts to reconnect with themselves and discover the true being within. Any of these methods can provide answers; it's up to you to discover which one works best for you personally.

9. Learning about a New Culture - Many modern martial arts can trace their roots back to different countries such as China, India, Japan, Korea, Greece, Philippines, Thailand, and numerous other countries. As the martial arts provide such a culturally rich background, they are often a great initial introduction to learning about our wider world, its history and its diverse cultures.

10. Because my Friend told me it was Fun - Have you ever watched a movie because a friend recommended it? Have you bought a new pair of shoes because you were told they were extremely comfortable? How about a new car? There are many examples in everyday life where we act based on trust in our loved ones' opinions. Beginning martial arts is no different and in many ways studying martial arts is a referral-based business.

So these are "The Top Ten Reasons to Start Martial Arts" and if you haven't "stepped out on the mat" yet then I sincerely hope you take action soon. If you are already a martial artist, then congratulations on taking the first step on your rewarding journey.

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