Friday, September 24, 2010

Martial Arts Black Belt Test Gifts

I get a lot of questions from family and friends of martial artists about what is appropriate to give as a congratulations gift after a black belt promotion test. Martial Artists spend many years working towards earning their black belts. This is a major accomplishment in their life and it is important for loved ones to recognize this.
I know (because I am a black belt martial arts mom) it is very difficult to find Martial Arts Gifts in any brick and mortar stores. As my children when through all of their promotion tests, I could not find any appropriate gifts or congratulations cards for martial artists. Because of this, I started designing my own. A full line of Martial Arts Gifts, Cards and Apparel can be found in my online store - Lora Severson Photography. All products are fully customizable. So, you can create a custom martial arts t-shirt, coffee mug, mousepad, keychain, embroidered warm up jacket, motivational poster or whatever. Create your own personalized Martial Arts Congratulations Cards or Birthday Cards. A personalized Martial Arts Photo Card with your martial artist's photograph is a unique way to announce the new black belt status to friends and family. All belt colors are represented and there is a full section of Martial Arts Black Belt Gifts to help celebrate the big day!

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