Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Turning a Photograph into a Poster

Do you have pictures at home that would make great posters? Because of my passion for martial arts, I have several martial arts themed pictures. These pictures make perfect motivational posters when a border and quote or inspirational phrase is added.
It is simple to do this at home with Photoshop.
First, open the picture to which you would like to add a border. I always make a duplicate copy to work on instead of the original.
Next, under the Image tab at the top click on Canvas Size. You will see what the current size measurements are and a box for the new size. In the new size, increase the width and height by how big you would like the border to be when finished. For example, if a picture is 8 x 10 and I wanted a 2 inch border, I would increase the size to 10 x 12.
You can change the color of the border to whatever compliments the photo and add text if you wish.
I have more examples of Motivational Martial Arts Posters which make perfect gifts for the martial artist. These martial arts posters are great for karate or tae kwon do. I also offer Abstract Fractal Arts Posters at While you are there, be sure to check out my new Earth Day Poster featuring a gorgeous nature photograph taken of the mountains in Lake Tahoe.

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