Monday, February 18, 2008

Easter White Daffodils

Many think of the Easter Lily when they think of Easter flowers. However, did you know that the Daffodil in springtime actually symbolizes a reawakening and rebirth. For this reason, I think it is a great Mascot of Easter.
When you are bringing flowers to a friend, always bring more than one daffodil; as only one daffodil is said to bring misfortune.
While looking for good fortune, it is also folklore that to avoid trampling on a bed of daffodils will bring good luck.
The date for Easter this year is March 23, 2008. This is calculated by the first full moon on or after March 21 every year.
Be ready with your Easter cards and gifts from Lora Severson Photography. These Easter cards featuring botanical photography all have coordinating postage stamps to create a great set.
This picture of a white daffodil in the morning sun is also available as a Fine Art Print through (without the text) New at Imagekind are greeting cards printed on high quality papers. A thoughtful gift for the flower lover in your life at Easter time!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring Tulip Garden

Spring and Easter will be upon us before you know it and with that I am showcasing my Roadside Spring Tulip Garden photograph. This picture of colorful tulips was taken along a rural roadside in Illinois. Every year I looked forward to the spring blooms but sadly, the road expanded this year to make a turning lane and all the tulip bulbs were dug up. Luckily the flower garden will live on in my photos.
I have designed this photograph and others similar to it into beautiful Easter Cards and different All Occasion Greeting Cards.
For the tulip or garden lover, I also offer this as a custom framed and matted Fine Art Print. Great for Mother's Day gifts also.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Red Bleeding Hearts for Valentine's Day

These little red heart flowers seem to drip off the stem of this Red Bleeding Hearts plant. Forget roses-these little beauties should be the official flower of Valentine's Day! In honor of this holiday of love, I have digitally enhanced this color floral photograph
into this black and white photo with red tinted heart flowers. And I am going to tell you how to do it in Photoshop.

  • I always start by making a copy of my original so in case I make a mistake, I always have a back-up.
  • Next, with the magic wand tool, I outline all the red flowers or whatever I want to tint. Take your time with this part to get all areas you want selected. It can be tedious, but it pays off in the end.
  • Once the flowers are selected, invert the selection and desaturate the background. This will leave the flowers red and turn the background to black and white. If you didn't get your original selection right, then invert again and touch up any areas you need to and repeat process.
The process is really very easy and produces a great effect. But, if you don't want to do it yourself,
I have designed this photograph into Floral Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts
on my store. As always, a complete overview of my photography work can be found at

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